Intacs are the first FDA approved option for correcting mild myopia (nearsightedness) that does not require a laser.  They are approved for treatment of -1.0 to -3.0 diopters of myopia with no more than 1 diopter of astigmatism.  Patients must be 21 years of age or older.

As shown below, Intacs are two tiny, clear, ultra-thin crescents which are made of the same material that has been used for contact lenses and intraocular lenses (for cataract patients).  Intacs reshape the cornea without disturbing the visual axis and they are usually placed in the eye permanently, but can be removed if needed.  Intacs are made in different thicknesses which determine the amount of flattening of the cornea.  This flattening is what corrects the vision.  

The procedure takes about 15 minutes.  The patient is given drops that numb the eye.  Then a tiny opening is made on the edge of the cornea underneath the eyelid.

After the opening is made, two tunnels are created in the periphery of the cornea.  The Intacs are then placed in these tunnels which are between the layers of tissue in the cornea.

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